Friday, 8 June 2012

And now we are official!

It seems like every post I have apologised for not blogging for aaaaages, but I genuinely do not get onto the computer very frequently these days, and only then to clear down my emails!

The rest of our lives is fun, noisy (quite often smelly) family life with a toddler in the house. This blog title is about us being official, because all those legalities are done now, he has our name, as well as an extra one we gave him for good measure. To be honest, though, we have considered him officially part of our family since he came to us and the little bit of paper has actually had less of an emotional impact than I otherwise thought it might.

We have had some hiccups, attachment related (or perhaps, just toddler related?!), and mostly on my side because I am the one away at work all day. I do find that hard, but just have to remind myself that it is nothing personal. Every so often I get a hug and a kiss and I'll take that as well earned!

We have had very few frustrations with the system in these last few months and I would have to say that pretty much all that we have had are court related. From ridiculous forms with guidance notes that don't match (the clerk subsequently told me that they changed the form but not the guidance notes) to another form that had no relevant option for us to tick so we were told to 'write whatever is relevent in the margin' - genius. Frankly, I am unsurprised that delays often are referred back to the court system because it is clunky and disconnected and just... a bit... vague.

I'm now at the stage where I meet people who haven't seen a toddler just turn up on the scene, who come across me as a mother of two and who don't need to know. That seems to be a little strange and I have to stop myself from leaping into the conversation with a bad case of 'too much information'. In the meantime, everyone who meets our two little men are charmed at their obvious fondness for each other and comment what wonderful brothers they are. That, to me, already sounds like we are getting there and I look forward to our little family growing up together.

I'm not going to pretend that I will blog again any time soon, lets face it I don't have the track record. I hope that perhaps a quick read of an adoption journey may be as much use to people as some of the fantastic, more in-depth, blogs that are out there, and perhaps I will be back with more as we reach the talkative stage! In the meantime, though, you can find me on Twitter @adoptiondiary and now I better go and update my blog description...

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  1. Being with your adopted child everyday is a lovely experience and knowing that no one can take him away from you no matter what law they apply, is very wonderful. It gives you the absolute peace of mind and helps you to focus more in raising him to be a good person. That's really good news and congratulations with that! :)

    Aiko Dumas